Flight Analyst

Date: 15-Nov-2021

Location: Gurugram, IN

Company: TATA SIA Airlines Limited

Job Overview

Manage the flight inventory integrity in Altea and analyze, define, implement, monitor and control booking authorization levels for individual flights of the assigned region(s) and ensure that revenue is maximized out of each departure by minimizing spoilage and spillages. Act as a gatekeeper of the flights to monitor overall booking curve.

Key Responsibilities

Ensure flight inventory integrity in Altea and flight level optimal bookings to avoid spoilages and spillages

  • Schedule and flights inventory integrity in Altea
  • Spillage
  • Spoilage
  • Denied boarding/10,000
  • Waitlists management
  • Flights booking curve
  • Inventory alerts within Altea

Skills & Attributes

  • Must have knowledge of the flights inventory management methodology in Altea inventory
  • Should have sound knowledge of Altea Inventory functionalities and business rules
  • Should possess high analytical, problem solving, attention to detail, communication and time management skills
  • Knowledge of airline solutions (Reservation, Schedule, DCS, Altéa Network Revenue management suite)
  • Should have basic understanding of demand forecasting and flight optimization
  • Must be able to work independently with minimum supervision

Work Experience

  • Minimum 2 years of Airline Industry experience


  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics, or Statistics or other quantitative discipline from a reputed university


  • Gurgaon