Sr. Security Executive

Date: 12 Nov 2023

Location: Trivandrum

Company: TATA SIA Airlines Limited

Job Overview

The holder of this position will be responsible for all AVSEC functions.

Key Responsibilities

  • Screen all accessible property for prohibited items using X-Ray units and/ or physical search procedures
  • Screen passengers using HHMD & pat down search
  • Subject additional security search for selectee passengers
  • Exercise access control to the aircraft as per security norms
  • Undertake pre-flight checks of aircraft as per the checklist
  • Undertake aircraft ramp surveillance & checks as per laid down process
  • Undertake baggage reconciliation process and security checks at BMA
  • Undertake security functions at the catering unit including search of bulk items and catering truck and trolleys
  • Undertake surveillance at the check-in area

Work Experience

  • Desirable experience in the security department to be of 2 years


  • Should be a Basic AVSEC qualified
  • Certified Screener is desirable
  • Graduate from a recognized university



Note: Internal Candidates have been identified at 1A Level with experience of more than 4 Years, hence the MFT of Sr. Security Executive is presented

  • Minimum tenure in the current role and level – 18 Months as of 23th May 2022 and must have attained minimum performance rating of GP3 in the last appraisal
  • Must be “confirmed’’ in service




Note : All Vistara employees are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.